Volvo CE intros EC220E excavator with power, fuel efficiency boosts

Heavy-duty undercarriage

Volvo Construction Equipment has introduced an update to its 22-ton EC220 excavator boasting more power and better fuel efficiency than its D Series predecessor.

The EC22oE crawler is powered by a Tier 4 Final Volvo D6 engine that, combined with an optimized hydraulics system and several other fuel-saving features, reduces fuel burn by 5 percent from the EC220D. You can find more specs below.

The new machine features an automatic engine shutdown, which can be configured to shut the machine off after a certain amount of idle time, while Volvo’s Eco mode tailors power to what the application demands.

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Volvo says the machine also features increased pump input power which boosts responsiveness and decreases cycle times.

The machine can be adjusted to accept a wide variety of hydraulic lines for powering attachments like mowers, grinders, shears, crushers and tilt rotators. These are inanition to Volvo’s own line of attachments including buckets and hammers. Attachments are password-protected through the machine’s management system which allows operators to determine up to 20 presets for hydraulic flow and pressure.

Inside the cab, operators will find an 8-inch display and a reduced number of switches. Climate control is now assigned to the keypad and the joystick now features short-cut buttons where functions such as wipers, cameras and auto-mute can be assigned for quick activation.

A side-view camera is optional and if selected displays alongside the standard rear-view camera on the display.

Grouped, ground-accessible filters simplify daily maintenance and the machine comes with Volvo’s CareTrack telematics system, offering service alerts and real-time machine diagnostics including fuel consumption, location, idle time and more.

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