Bergkamp’s new MA30 applies frictional mastic surface treatment


The Bergkamp MA30 applicator can spread frictional mastic surface treatment (FMST) by way of a counterflow mixing technique that helps keep aggregates in suspension.

FMST is made up of angular fine aggregates, asphalt emulsion, polymers, catalysts, and various recycle materials.

The new applicator features a low-pressure system operating at less than 40 psi, and can operate with a single or dual pump delivery. Dual pump mode can run at more than 200 gallons per minute, with product loading in less than 30 minutes. Single pump mode operates at more than 100 gpm.

Other features include:

  • PTO-driven hydraulic pumps
  • Double overlap spray widths ranging from 72 inches to 234 inches in 18-inch increments
  • 3,000-gallon material tank
  • In-cab controls for mixer start/stop/revers, and spray bar start/stop, height and – width, side-shot, and individual nozzle controls
  • Computer-controlled application via an onboard system that matches application and pump rates with truck speed and spray width
  • Easily accessible mastic strainers