Spray injection DuraPatcher is a quick, cost-effective repair solution for potholes

Updated Nov 20, 2014

DuraPatcher spray injection pothole patcher

Simplify pothole repair with the DuraPatcher trailer-mounted spray injection pothole patcher. With a Tier 4 compliant diesel engine and blower package, the patcher has 18 percent better fuel economy than previous machines.

The high volume, low-pressure air stream transports the aggregate or emulsion mix and compacts the material for a permanent patch.

Standard features on the unit include a heated 250-gallon emulsion tank, ergonomic boom for carrying the delivery hose and as pray injection nozzle. An operator panel controls patching functions, and the design is low profile for improved visibility.

The machine has almost no moving parts. A specially designed Vent-Flo nozzle coats the aggregate with the appropriate amount of emulsion regardless of aggregate size.

Three truck-mounted models are also available, including the DuraTruck rear boom and DuraMaxx cab-operated patchers.