IMT’s new 32 tm articulating crane provides long horizontal reach

Updated Oct 24, 2014

IMT 32tm Articulating Crane

Load and unload materials efficiently with the 32 tm crane from Iowa Mold Tooling, which delivers high working speed and precision control.

The crane, which is rated at 222,050 foot-pounds, has a 15,058-pound max lifting capacity at a radius of 14 feet 9 inches, and a 69-foot 7-inch horizontal reach with eight hydraulic extensions.

The 32 tm has a dual-power plus link-arm system, 15-degree overbending, continuous rotation and radio remote control, among other standard features.

The RCL 5300 system monitors load moment, operation and function. During an overload, the system warns the operator of the situation, interrupting the distribution of oil for crane functions but allowing reduced load moment functions to continue.

Additional features include an internal hose routing system, multiple stabilizer options and a flexible stow bracket design that protects the bracket while securing the boom for transportation.

With an ultra-high tensile steel composition, the hexagonal boom delivers high lifting capacity at long reaches, increased payload capabilities and an excellent lift-to-weight ratio. Minimal mounting space is required, which allows for more room on the truck body, as well as the capability for different truck configurations.