Elderly woman causes $10,000 damage to work zone after driving into wet concrete

Updated Aug 31, 2014
Credit: WDAY TV 6Credit: WDAY TV 6

An elderly woman caused $10,000 worth of damage when she drove through 50 feet of newly-poured concrete in the 25th Street construction zone in Fargo, North Dakota.

According to a report from KFGO News, the 78-year-old woman was southbound when she became confused by road signs, took a wrong turn and ended up in concrete that had just been poured. Her car sunk into about a foot of the wet concrete before grinding to a halt.

The damaged concrete had to be replaced.

WDAY TV reports that the incident happened just north of the 25th Street Overpass in Fargo.

Police say the elderly woman was on her way to a doctor’s appointment when the accident occurred. She was not cited.

Luckily the woman did not hit anyone, all road workers were safe, and she walked away unscathed as well.