Volvo launches new L110H and L120H wheel loaders; reduce fuel usage 18%

Updated Jul 30, 2014

Volvo has launched its new 18- to 22-ton-class L110H and L120H wheel loaders, delivering 256 and 268 gross horsepower, respectively.

Designed to handle applications such as material handling, road construction and utility work, the loaders offer bucket capacities between 3.2 and 12.4 cubic yards.

An 8-liter Tier 4 final D8J engine with fully automatic regeneration delivers high performance while lowering emissions and reducing fuel consumption. With operating weights ranging between 19.8 and 22.8 tons for the L110H and between 20.4 and 23.8 tons for the L120H, the loaders feature 25,265- and 26,830-pound static tipping loads at full turn.

Intelligent features

The L110H and L120H have intelligent load-sensing hydraulics that supply power on demand, providing fast response and shortening cycle times. The Reverse-By-Braking feature (RBB) reduces the engine’s rpm and applies the service brakes when the operator changes machine direction, saving fuel and reducing stress on the drivetrain for longer component life.

The wheel loaders also feature Volvo’s OptiShift technology, which combines the RBB function with a lock-up torque converter to create a direct drive between the engine and the transmission. This combination eliminates power losses in the torque converter as well as reducing fuel usage by up to 18 percent. An eco pedal has mechanical push-back force that encourages the operator to ease off the throttle before the engine rpm exceeds the optimum operating range, further reducing fuel consumption.

Volvo’s Torque Parallel linkage delivers high breakout torque as well as parallel movement thoughout the lifting range. The Boom Suspension System, which reduces bucket spillage for a productivity boost of up to 20 percent, is available as an option.

Grouped service points simplify daily maintenance, and the engine hood opens electronically for easy access. The loaders also feature low-maintenance components such as bushings and bearings that need no lubrication, and a reversible, self-cleaning fan.

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Operator comfort

The ROPS/FOPS certified cab is easily accessible by a three-point ladder with anti-slip steps, and a cab entrance light is available as an option.

The loaders feature a wide doorframe that opens at a 95-degree angle for easy entry, and also has an option available that allows the door to open remotely. Once inside the cab, sound is kept to a minimum via sound insulation, and 90 percent of the cab’s air is recirculated through a filter for continuous dust removal.

Additional cab features include ergonomically positioned controls and information panels, improved seat and vibration protection and room to store personal items.