This “Magic Concrete” displays hidden patterns when wet

Updated Jan 9, 2014


Designers Frederik Molenschot & Susanne Happle have come up with a pretty neat creation. When their concrete gets wet, it reveals hidden patterns.

They call the project “Silent Poetry,” according to a report from Most of their creations up until now have been leaves and floral patterns but anything is possible with the technique.

The concrete does its trick whether it is “drizzled on by the rain, doused in running water, touched by steam or impacted by condensation on a hot and humid day,” Weburbanist notes.

Unfortunately, Molenschot and Happle are not revealing how the pull the trick off just yet.

We like the idea of seeing this on public sidewalks and maybe on museum walls. The bathroom sink idea pictured over at Weburbanist is pretty cool too. Be sure to check out the full gallery of photos over there.