Chevy’s new Black Ops and Volunteer Firefighter concept pickups built for survival and rescue (PHOTOS)

Updated Oct 17, 2013
Black Ops conceptBlack Ops concept

Chevrolet’s latest concept trucks have very specific inspiration. But you don’t have to be an operative or a firefighter to want one of these bad boys.

In order to “explore the extremes of preparedness,” as Chevy puts it, the automaker developed two Silverado concept trucks. One, the Black Ops, is a “survival kit on four wheels.” The other, the Volunteer Firefighter concept, is outfitted with a variety of rescue gear and was developed with input from the National Volunteer Fire Council.

The Black Ops concept is a Silverado Crew Cab 4×4 outfitted with a slew of performance upgrades and safety features. It features lower body armor, a front-mounted winch (with an integrated LED spot light) and a bed mounted Truck Vault storage unit. Mounted atop the storage unit are a generator, fuel can and water can—and a food crate.

And just in case you don’t believe Chevy tried to outfit the Black Ops concept for just about any bad situation you might drive into, the truck features a solar power pack, a pair of gas masks, gloves, a military First Aid kit, a folding shovel and, yes, even some rope.

The Black Ops is equipped with off-road tires mounted on specially-painted versions of the Z71 18-inch wheels.

The Volunteer Firefighter concept is built from a Silverado Double Cab with Z71 Off Road suspension atop 22-inch wheels. The truck has been customized to honor volunteer firefighters but also show the capabilities of the Silverado in this line of work.

Chevrolet says the Firefighter concept has room to carry turnout coat and pants, fire helmets, air packs and gloves. The concept is equipped with an emergency roof light bar, an emergency siren and PA system, chrome fire extinguishers, a gull-wing tool box, axe and halligan tool and aluminum front brush guard.

On the inside of the Firefighter, the front seats are trimmed with 3M’s reflective bolster material and Torch Red stitching.

Volunteer Firefighter conceptVolunteer Firefighter concept


Silverado Black Ops Concept

Volunteer Firefighters Chevrolet Silverado Double Cab Concept

Silverado Black Ops Concept

Volunteer Firefighters Chevrolet Silverado Double Cab Concept