Thwarted theft — you gotta love this one

Marcia Doyle Headshot
One battered, but not defeated, storage box.One battered, but not defeated, storage box.

Knaack just sent us this story as a promo to their Jobmaster storage chest, but the tale will bring a smile to most contractors.

Working on a building, Terre Haute, Indiana contractor Garmong Construction Services, finished up for the day, locking up in the typical fashion: locks and dead bolts on both the front and rear doors of the building, backed up by an alarm system.

That night, after first removing an exterior electrical meter, thieves pried open the back door completely off its hinges, destroying the dead bolt. They then went straight for the storage box sitting in the middle of the foyer, padlocked to a stair rail. 

But that’s where their marauding came to an end, because the storage box completely defeated them. The thieves spent so much time trying to open the box (see photo) that they completely ignored other equipment sitting out in the open on the building’s second floor. 

Some times the good guys win a few…