Nissan Untitled 1Nissan is doing a lot of things right these days. One of those has been the steady refinement of its Titan full-size pickup truck.

By Jack Roberts


When the Titan debuted on the American market in 2004, it was already a well-thought out vehicle designed specifically for the rugged U.S. pickup market. Since then, Nissan has kept the basic vehicle look, but fine-tuned the suspension, steering and interior, as well as adding additional storage compartments and a host of optional luxury items. The result is a 2012 Titan that retains its brawny exterior appearance, but is pleasantly quiet and refined to drive.

A car dashboard it’s not: the Titan has a purpose-built interior.A car dashboard it’s not: the Titan has a purpose-built interior.

Despite its apparent bulk, I was surprised to find the Titan nimble to drive. Nissan engineers have done a fine job tuning the steering and suspension on this truck. With a robust 317-horsepower gasoline engine, the overall impression is a high-performance pickup truck with plenty of on-demand power that requires only a light touch from the driver on the highway. There’s always a trade-off for high-performance, however. And the Titan only turns in around 12 to 13 miles per gallon in city driving conditions. Those figures improve to around 17 mpg on the highway, and the truck’s onboard computer showed me logging close to 19 mpg at times. Still, give this truck a healthy touch of throttle and you’d better hang on: Nissan clearly takes its reputation as a performance car manufacturer seriously and that translates to its truck line as well.

To my mind, some interiors on import trucks feel as if the manufacturer simply scaled-up the dashboard and controls from their most popular car lines and threw them in their trucks. But the Titan impresses with its luxurious, purpose-built interior. Plush leather seats and a roomy front-and-rear cab provide plenty of room for four adults. The ride and sound-dampening qualities are first rate and the impressive slate of vehicle controls are ergonomically situated for precise, easy reach by the driver. Views from the driver seat are outstanding to all quarters.

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The 2012 Titan will retail for around $30,000 and be offered with an all-new sport appearance package this year. The package includes 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels, a darkened grille, body-colored front and rear bumpers, captain’s chairs and a Bluetooth hands-free phone system. EW

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