Chicago Pneumatic introduces new impact wrench

Chicago Pneumatic introduced the CP6930 Paled impact wrench, a high performance 1-1/2 inch wrench designed for challenges in off-road construction equipment repair.

The wrench delivers 3,540 feet-pounds of ultimate torque in reverse with a high speed of 4,000 RPM for faster tightening and increased productivity.

The CP6930 comes with four adjustable settings from 443 pounds to 2,290 pounds when working in forward and uses a rocking dog clutch for medium and soft joints.

The wrench features an inside or outside trigger, easy switch forward/reverse and suspension bail to decrease operator fatigue and improve efficiency. An adjustable exhaust is included to deflect the exhaust away from the operator.

For more information on the CP6930 Paled impact wrench, visit the Chicago Pneumatic website.