Iowa Mold Tooling has added eight mid-range cranes with single link or dual link configurations to its 1,740- to 35,405-pound maximum lift capacity articulating crane line. The single power plus link arm system offers high lifting capacity, speed and flexibility for fast-grab work. The dual power plus link arm system supplies lifting capacities for most working conditions, easily reaching distant areas. The cranes also have an “over-bending” feature, meaning the working area between the boom and jib remains no less than 195 degrees for flexibility in narrow passages or under power lines.

American Augers has updated its Astec-branded DD-6 horizontal directional drilling model to include a Caterpillar C-6.6 Tier 3 engine rated at 174 horsepower. The track-mounted drill features a rack-and-pinion carriage design capable of 60,000 pounds of thrust and pullback. The two pinion gear and rotary drive has a 10,000 foot-pound maximum torque rating. The DD-6 also has a triplex drilling fluid pump with a maximum flow of 130 gallons per minute, a rig mounted 6,000-pound lift rated hydraulic crane and the ability to have 315 feet of drill pipe on board during operations.

Aiding in the installation of wind energy transmission lines, Vermeer’s CL80 cable layer attachment for its track trencher sorts, configures and feeds a series of cables, ground wire and tracer tape in a specified configuration into the trench – all in one pass. The attachment eliminates the need for one machine to dig the trench and then another to lay and secure the cable. Users can complete the cable trenching and installation process with one machine, saving time and effort.

JCB’s upgraded 3CX and 4CX backhoe loaders include the EasyControl seat-mounted servo control system, which improves backhoe speed by changing the machine’s valve block from flow sharing to full flow, so the maximum amount of oil becomes available to any cylinder. EasyControl increases operator/joystick feedback by using an open hydraulic circuit as opposed to a closed circuit for more hydraulic power on demand. The backhoes also feature more durable fuel tanks made from an impact-resistant, rust-resistant composite.

Stellar Industries’ Cable75 – a 75,000-pound capacity cable hoist – builds upon the SI60 model by decreasing the shipping weight to 4,400 pounds for an increased payload of up to 1,700 additional pounds. Other features include a 47-degree pump angle, fewer cylinders and seal kits to maintain, improved cable routing, use of stainless steel pins, grease bushings and wear strips.

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Available for any fuel, lube or pickup truck, OEM Data Delivery’s Secure Fuel System provides fuel dispensing security via password or authorized ID. Easy-to-read analytics on fuel consumption and other consumables are delivered immediately so data can be used in the field. A wireless device identifies each vehicle, its location and the fuel dispensed to it. Once dispensing, equipment hours and mileage data has been collected, the system assigns GPS coordinates. Data then integrates easily with back office management programs.