Kobelco launches 213-foot-working-range demolition machine

Ever glanced up at a 21-story building and wished you could destroy it from the ground? Kobelco Construction Machinery has made this possible with its SK3500D building demolition machine, which has a working range of more than 213 feet.

Kobelco says that’s the world’s highest working range for a demolition machine and has applied to Guinness World Records for verification.

Extensive urban redevelopment is taking place in Japan. But building demolition is difficult due to the height of buildings, the use of large concrete foundations, and the high strength of concrete used in the buildings. It was to meet these needs that Kobelco developed the SK3500D, which is built on a 200-ton crawler crane carrier. Even though it was built for high-rise demolition, with different front attachments the machine can also dismantle smaller buildings. The machine will be available only in Japan.

Building demolition equipment is usually built on a 40-ton-class hydraulic excavator base machine and normally has a reach of about 82 feet.