It’s a dump … it’s a flat bed … it’s Stone’s new Stake Bed option

Stone Construction Equipment has increased the versatility of its Mud Buggy line with a Stake Bed option. The new option allows the unit to become three different machines: a stake bed, a flat bed and an extended flat bed, making it versatile for several hauling and transport applications.

The Stake Bed platform is interchangeable with the standard polyethylene mortar tub and can be converted in less than 15 minutes. The Stake Bed Mud Buggy, powered by a 15-horsepower Honda engine, can carry up to 10 cubic feet with a load capacity of 2,500 pounds.

The unit features heavy-duty removable solid steel panels with welded tubular supports. The dual-acting tailgate can be disengaged from either the top or bottom to allow the operator to spread or dump loads.

The side panels, which lock in place for a tight fit, can be removed to convert the Stake Bed to a flat bed. The Stake Bed can be further converted to an extended flat bed to carry wider loads such as sheet rock or paneling. The side panels can be inserted into the flat bed base and locked in place on outboard supports, which swing away from the frame. The side panels extending from the frame provide additional stability to the load. The tailgate can be removed or remain attached to the platform thereby extending the bed even longer. With the addition of the optional quick release hubs, the outer tires can be removed to allow the stake bed or flat bed configurations to fit through a standard doorway.