First Word – March 2009

Equipment World has a fresh, updated look to accompany the new year. And our changes go much deeper than a cover redesign and new logo. Our editorial and design team took cues from you – through focus groups and readership surveys – in order to organize the magazine’s content in a way that brings you the comprehensive information you’ve come to expect in a concise, easier-to-read form.

This year also marks Equipment World’s 20th anniversary. During the past two decades, we’ve taken seriously our responsibility to provide you with the specialized information you need. Almost 90 percent of contractors who responded to our most recent survey said they get their equipment information from trade magazines. One of the biggest influences on our new design was the fact that more than 77 percent of survey respondents told us they wanted to see shorter articles with a tighter focus.

Andrew Anderson (above) and a 1990 cover alongside this issue’s new cover design.

I’d like to thank the three people who took the helm in this redesign: Andrew Anderson, our art director (I’m including a photo since he works behind the scenes); Marcia Gruver, editorial director and Tom Jackson, executive editor.

Marcia and the rest of our editorial staff will continue tweaking Equipment World according to your needs. We would love to hear your thoughts on the redesign and, as always, any other suggestions you have. Send them to me at or Marcia at Best wishes in 2009!

Special Note: We welcome Geoffrey Love to our team in 2009 as Associate Publisher. Geoffrey is a 14-year veteran at Randall Reilly and actually began his career here in our Construction Media Group in 1995. Welcome back, Geoffrey!