New Holland introduces 3 new compact track loaders ‘built to tackle toughest construction applications’

New Holland Construction introduced its new C227 compact track loader at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2011 in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS—New Holland Construction introduced on March 24 during CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2011 three compact track loaders in the new 200 Series that have been redesigned from the ground up based on input from customers across North America.

The new machines feature “best-in-class forward dump height and reach,” according the manufacturer.

“These machines are built to tackle the toughest construction, landscaping and agricultural applications,” said Dave December, marketing manager at New Holland Construction.

The New Holland C232 and C238 compact track loaders feature the patented vertical lift Super Boom design, delivering the industry’s best forward dump height and reach, allowing it to reach higher and further to load material to the center of trucks.

The new self-leveling bucket feature on each model also allows attachments to maintain the preset location throughout the lift cycle.

For long load and carry operations, the optional Glide Ride feature on the New Holland Construction's C232 compact track loader is part of its new 200 series. It has a rated operating capacity of 3,200 pounds

New Holland C232 and C238 compact track loaders is said to ensure a smooth ride over the roughest job site.

The C232 and C238 are rated at 76 and 84 hp. The C232 has a rated operating capacity of 3,200 pounds and a bucket breakout force of 8,585 pounds. The C238 has a rated operating capacity of 3,800 pounds and a bucket breakout force of 8,585 pounds.

The overall width is 79 inches (200 cm) on the C232 and C238 models equipped with the 18-inch tracks to make it easier to transport these machines on a standard trailer.

New Holland also introduced the C227 model, a radial lift machine. This design provides excellent digging performance for landscaping and construction applications. The C227 is rated at 70 hp ,with a rated operating capacity of 2,700 pounds  and a bucket breakout force of 7,145 pounds.

The dump angle on the new 200 Series compact track loaders has been increased to a best-in-class 53 degrees. This lets operators empty the bucket faster, resulting in faster cycle times and increased productivity.

The New Holland cab is equipped with many new features, including the following:

  • A keyless start.
  • An ergonomically designed joy stick with all controls.
  • ISO and H-pattern switchable controls.
  • Directional, full-body heating and air conditioning.
  • A high-intensity lighting package.
  • An ultra-thin screen protection system that provides superior work site visibility.
  • Larger rear windows than the previous model.
  • A heated air ride seat option.

The compact track loaders give operators a 360-degree view of the job site, and New Holland claims that the new rear window provides best-in-class rear visibility.

The 200 Series compact track loaders also feature large, 20- to 25.5-gallon fuel tanks, allowing operators to work as long as 10 hours before refueling.

Stability is an important part of being productive on the job site. Because the rigid undercarriage and machine weight is distributed over a large area, New Holland compact track loaders provide a stable ride over the roughest working surfaces. The frame sheds material away from the track, minimizing downtime. Undercarriage components include permanently lubed idlers and rollers, and a strong, steel-belted rubber track. With fewer moving parts than a suspension track system, maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Daily maintenance on the 200 Series machines is quick and easy, December said, adding that no special tools are needed. “A quick daily service check only takes minutes, but will pay off during the entire life of the machine,” he said.

For complete access, the service technician only needs to remove two nuts and washers to tilt the cab forward. Another improvement is the redesigned hydraulic system, which extends the service interval to 2,000 hours and significantly reduces the amount of used and disposed oil.

New Holland also offers more than 50 compact track loader attachments — including augers, brooms, grapples, hammers and pallet forks — to handle construction, landscaping or agricultural jobs.

The new loaders also feature a hydraulic heavy-duty coupler for customers who frequently change attachments, according to December. –Tina Grady Barbaccia