First Word: Going digital

Equipment World is now offering you a new option to receive our award-winning magazine each month! You can now enjoy an exact duplicate of our printed version on your computer in our new digital format simply by subscribing from the comfort of your desk at

Equipment World Digital offers many benefits, including:

  • Faster delivery – You can get this information instantly instead of waiting for your friendly local post office. In fact, you can count on seeing our digital version a few days earlier than when the printed magazine hits your mailbox each month.
  • Enhanced content – The digital format gives you instant access to product information, direct links to advertisers and advanced search options that lets you find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Immediate access to reader service – Want more information on an advertised product? Simply click on the reader service number and you can enter your request.
  • Video – One of the capabilities of a digital magazine is the ability to offer short videos of advertisers’ products and services. You can view a moderated “walk around” of an excavator or backhoe loader from the comfort of your office.
  • Zoom! – The zoom feature makes reading easy.
  • Print and share – You can print pages or send them to friends via email directly from the digital version.
  • International reach – We realize that many of us have business relationships with associates outside of the United States. Now they can enjoy our magazine each month too! We are truly Equipment “World.”

We know most of our readers prefer our printed edition, so rest assured, it is not going away. But let’s face it … there are some young guns in your business whose information life largely revolves around a computer. All of us appreciate options – now you have one.
We welcome your feedback on our new digital format and hope you will give it a try: