Upcoming federal contracts could generate $44 billion in AEC business

Ten architecture, engineering and construction contracts the federal government will award over the next two years may produce more than $44 billion in business opportunities, according to a report by INPUT, a company that provides government procurement and marketing information.

A majority of the contracts focus on repairing infrastructure systems damaged due to natural disasters, civil wars on foreign soil, accidents or terrorist attacks. Environmental remediation, protection and conservation programs in locations worldwide are also a major focus for a large number of these contracts.

“These are long-term contracts for repair, reconstruction and rehabilitation that will occur at government facilities worldwide,” said Tim Brett, manager of AEC opportunities at INPUT. “Infrastructure repair requires a wide range of AEC services and government is looking for new and innovative methods for the support and repair of many infrastructure systems.”

The Department of the Air Force is awarding three of the top 10 AEC contracts. These contracts are expected to produce $28 billion worth of business opportunities in the fields of heavy engineering repair and construction, restoration and modernization.

“Over the next five years, the federal government is likely to award over $200 billion for AEC services,” said Brett. “These services cover a broad range of needs and it is essential for vendors to be prepared with innovative, cost saving solutions if they want to receive the awards.”