Equipment Roundup: Komatsu WA200-8 loader; Navistar cuts medium duty engines; Nox Tiltrotator; Link-Belt 110RT crane; Manitou donates Gehl skid steers

Komatsu intros WA200-8 loader with quick coupler, lower fuel use

Calling the new loader “versatile” and “useful in virtually any application,” Komatsu has introduced the WA200-8 with improvements to fuel efficiency and operator comfort.

Powered by a 4.46 liter, 126-horsepower Komatsu SAA4D107E-3 Tier 4 Final engine, the WA200-8 can drop fuel consumption by up to 4 percent in V-cycle and in load-and-carry applications. Further aiding in reducing fuel consumption is programmable auto idle shutdown.

The engine is paired with a hydrostatic drivetrain with variable traction control. Placing the WA200-8 into S-mode reduces wheel spin, boosting performance in snow, icy or slippery conditions.

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Navistar to discontinue medium duty N Series engines

Navistar will cease engine production at its Melrose Park, Illinois, plant by early next year as the truck maker continues that facility’s transformation into a technical center.

The move will bring production of the company’s medium duty 9- and 10- liter engines to an end.

“Our N9/10 engine family was updated in 2014 and since then has served as a competitive niche offering for specific medium-duty vehicles,” says Persio Lisboa, Navistar chief operating officer. “As we approach future regulatory requirements, the low volume nature of the platform could not justify further product development investments on it.”

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Nox Tiltrotators spin 360°, feature compact design with no protruding parts

Kinshofer’s new Nox Tiltrotator attachments for excavators come in five sizes, all designed to be compact with no protruding tilt cylinders.

They also feature 360-degree continuous rotation and are designed for low maintenance, the company says. The attachment has only two greasing points, fewer wear parts and hydraulics integrated into the cast housing.

The five new models attach to excavators with operating weights ranging from 3 to 25 tons. The TR06NOX is for excavators with an operating weight of 3 to 6 tons. There is a TR10NOX for 5 to 10 tons. The TR14NOX is for 10 to 14 tons. The TR19NOX is for excavators from 14 to 19 tons, and the TR25NOX attaches to excavators with operating weights from 18 to 25 tons.

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Link-Belt intros 110RT rough-terrain crane with six-section boom

Link-Belt Cranes has upgraded its 100RT rough terrain crane to handle more capacity through improvements that required no physical changes to the machine.

With its new rating of 110 US tons (100 metric tons) the new machine does however carry a new model number: 110RT.

The company notes that because there were no physical changes to the machine, the previous generation 100RT cranes in the field can be upgraded to the new capacity rating with “minimal requirements.”

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Manitou donates Gehl skid steers to university, community in Wisconsin

Manitou Americas Inc, donated two new Gehl skid loaders, one to the University of Wisconsin-Washington County (UW-WC) and one to the Washington County Fair Park and Conference Center.

In a press release, Jon Etta, regional director of Facility Planning and Management of UW-WC, said the Gehl skid loader is “dependable and versatile, allowing staff to maintain the building and grounds — from snow removal in the winter to landscape work in the summer.” Courtney O’Connel, Campus Administrator and Regional Associate Dean of Student Affairs added that “the Gehl skid loader donation and continued support of the Manitou Group is greatly appreciated, especially in this period of reduced budgets.”

“We were very excited to accept the delivery of the new Gehl R220 skid loader to the Washington County Fairgrounds last week,” said Kellie Boone, Executive Director of the Washington County Fairpark and Conference Center, in the press release. “With the Washington County Fair beginning this week, the new skid loader comes just in time to help complete set up for our Annual event.”

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