In AGC video to Congress, contractors plead for a highway bill

Updated Aug 25, 2015

US-capitol-building-Better-RoadsContractors across America are fed up with the lack of progress from Congress on a long-term highway bill and many joined together for a video to urge action.

The Associated General Contractors of America released a video earlier this month to tell Congress that they “need step up and show some courage” and finally pass a new long-term highway bill after 34 consecutive short-term patches since 2008.

In the video, various members of the construction industry speak out about how important it is for the industry and America to pass a long-term funding bill—and to pass it soon.

“Our roads are falling apart. They’re safety issues,” Scott Fant of Sloan Construction said in the video, which can be viewed in full below. “… Quit kicking the can down the road.”

AGC is urging its members and to call their representatives and get tell them the country needs a bill soon, and not only for their businesses, but for the safety of Americans.

“Please don’t let a tragic event get you to recognize that our infrastructure is deteriorating,” Brad Everett of JD Abrams said.