TRB offers webinar on pavement recycling techniques March 22

Updated Feb 26, 2018
Crews cold-in-place recycle a lane of I-81 in Virginia.Crews cold-in-place recycle a lane of I-81 in Virginia.

If you’re interested in pavement recycling techniques, check out this upcoming webinar from the Transportation Research Board (TRB).

It will feature research from the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP)’s Research Report 863: Material Properties of Cold In-Place Recycled and Full-Depth Reclamation Asphalt Concrete.

The webinar will be from 2 to 3:30 pm ET on Thursday, March 22.

Pavement recycling techniques are effective for rehabilitating existing pavements or constructing new pavements while reducing construction costs, environmental impacts, and construction time, TRB says.

This webinar will describe procedures to determine material properties of different cold-recycled asphalt mixtures for pavement design.

Presenters will focus on cold in-place recycling, cold central-plant recycling, and full-depth reclamation asphalt mixtures.

They will determine typical values of dynamic modulus and repeated load permanent deformation (RLPD) structural properties for mechanistic-empirical pavement design using the AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design software.

Learn from these experts:

  • Charles Schwartz, University of Maryland
  • Brian Diefenderfer, Virginia Department of Transportation
  • Ben Bowers, Virginia Department of Transportation

The webinar will be moderated by Ed Harrigan of the Transportation Research Board

A certificate for 1.5 professional development hours (PDHs) will be provided to professional engineers (PEs) who register and attend the webinar as an individual. Sign into to view registration information.