Contracts awarded for major Oklahoma City road projects

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Updated Dec 27, 2017
Oklahoma City Boulevard rendering by ODOTOklahoma City Boulevard rendering by ODOT

Work to complete improvements to Oklahoma City Boulevard in the city’s downtown area and the SH-74 corridor in northwest Oklahoma City will begin in the spring, according to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

The Oklahoma Transportation Commission has awarded a $27 million contract to Allen Contracting Inc. and Shell Construction Inc. of Oklahoma City to complete the remaining sections of Oklahoma City Boulevard between Western Avenue and Shields Boulevard. The project includes a new bridge over Western Avenue. The bridge will go where the old Interstate 40 Crosstown bridge was located before it was demolished.

Work is expected to take one to 1.5 years, the ODOT says.

The commission also awarded a $22 million contract to T.J. Campbell Construction Company of Oklahoma City for the final phase of reconstruction and widening of SH-74 (Portland Avenue) from two to four lanes in northwest Oklahoma City.

“This final phase of SH-74 expansion will help support future traffic in this rapidly growing and developing part of the metro area,” the ODOT says. “On average, more than 21,000 vehicles travel SH-74 in this area each day, far exceeding the capacity of the existing two-lane highway. As part of this project, all affected intersections will be reconstructed with turn lanes and traffic signals.”