New website geared to training Ariz. traffic incident responders

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Updated Nov 27, 2017

Screenshot 2017 11 22 Home Arizona Traffic Incident Management

Arizona emergency responders have a new website offering a clearinghouse for traffic incident management training.

“Effective traffic incident management keeps the public safe, emergency responders safe and traffic moving,” said Derek Arnson, Traffic Management Group manager for the Arizona Department of Transportation. “It’s important that everyone who responds to a traffic incident, from law enforcement to tow truck operators, are working together and following the same practices.”

The site,, was created by ADOT and the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Its goal is to make it easier for incident responders to receive training. Training involves keeping crash victims and responders safe and restoring traffic flow. The responders include law enforcement, fire departments, medical services, transportation crews and tow truck operators.

The site also offers tips to the public, including videos and infographics related to Arizona’s “Move Over” law, “Quick Clearance” and work-zone safety, ADOT says.