Rhode Island DOT seeks proposals on connected, autonomous vehicle technology

Updated Jun 12, 2017

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The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) has issued a request for information (RFI) from companies involved in connected/autonomous vehicle (CAV) technology to help the state become a “leader in developing the transportation system of the future.”

“Cars as we know them are changing already, but we’re on the cusp of changes in the way we travel that will truly be groundbreaking,” says RIDOT Director Peter Alviti. “In keeping with the philosophy of RhodeWorks, the inclusion of CAV into our future projects will help promote future job creation in an evolving technology and further economic development that modern infrastructure will bring to the state.”

The agency says the RFI begins its process to “identify and meet” the challenges related to implementing CAV technologies. RIDOT is asking those submitting proposals to share other tech ideas including on-demand ride sharing, high speed intercity and inter-suburb transporter technology.

The RFI is asking for information on:

  • Opportunities for partnerships
  • Impact on the state’s capital planning and execution process
  • Regional safety programs (including law enforcement and security)
  • Environmental conditions
  • State laws and regulation
  • Workforce and professional training needs within the state

The RFI, which is due July 12, can be accessed here. RIDOT says it will invite those responding to the request to participate in an expo “where all parties can learn more about each other and start to move the planning process forward to prepare for revolutionary changes in transportation.”

“This is a time of rapid innovation in the automotive sector, as products adapt to develop and incorporate new technology, and meet changing consumer demand,” says RIDOT Chief Operating Officer Shoshana Lew. “There is an opportunity to help integrate that conversation with infrastructure planning and execution. Rhode Island can be a place where we help bring those threads together.”