Pa. municipalities get more than $466 million for local road and bridge maintenance

Updated Mar 3, 2017

Road Work Cones ConstructionMunicipalities in Pennsylvania will receive roughly $466.2 million in liquid fuel payments for local road and bridge maintenance projects through the state’s Act 89 transportation plan.

This year’s funds increased 5 percent from the 2015 total of $445.3 million. Municipalities were given $320.8 million in 2013, prior to Act 89 being put in place.

“The funds received through liquid fuels payments are critical to the preservation and improvement of our vast network of locally maintained roads,” says Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Secretary Leslie S. Richards. “They are essential to communities for the upkeep of these vital connections to the state highway and bridge network.”

The agency says the annual payments help pay for maintenance activities such as road repaving and snow removal for the 72,856 miles of municipality roadways eligible for the program. Payments are calculated based on population and “miles of locally-owned roads.”

Eligible roads for the program must be adopted as a public street, be of a specific dimension and “accommodate vehicles driving at least 15 mph.”

The complete list of payments is available at PennDOT’s Municipal Liquid Fuels Program web page.