Trump administration prioritizes 50 infrastructure projects valued at $137.5 billion

Updated Jan 29, 2017

A preliminary list of the Trump administrations priority infrastructure projects, obtained by the Kansas City Star and The News Tribune, outlines 50 projects valued at $137.5 billion.

The document, available here, indicates these projects would be funded equally by private and public investment and would directly create 193, 350 job years and indirectly create 241,700 job years.

The projects include, in order as listed in the document:

Gateway Program

“Reconstruction of critical, high-risk Northeast Corridor rail infrastructure between Newark and New York City.”

Cost: $12 billion

Jobs: 15,000 direct, 19,000 indirect

Brent Spence Bridge

“The interstate highway bridge was build in 1963 and is carrying twice its original capacity. There are no shoulders on the bridge and the lanes are too narrow for today’s traffic. It is the major cause of delays on I-75 and the site of numerous fatal auto accidents. The Federal Highway Administration ranks it as the 15th worst bridge in the country.

Cost: $2.5 billion

Jobs: 2,200 direct

National Research Lab for Infrastructure

“Conceived along the lines of the old Bell Labs, this R&D center would develop and commercialize infrastructure technology of the future. The lab would be sited in Columbus, Ohio and work closely with Ohio State University National Transportation Research Center and Battelle labs.

Cost: $2 billion

Jobs: 2,300 direct

Locks and Dams 52 and 53 on the Ohio River

Cost: $3 billion

Jobs: 1,500 direct

I-95 Critical Highway Repairs, North Carolina

Cost: $1.5 billion

Jobs: 5,400 direct

15 Bridges on I-95, Philadelphia

Cost: $8 billion

Jobs: 15,800

Mississippi River Shipping Channel Dredging, South Louisiana

Cost: $1 billion

Jobs: 200 direct

NextGen Air Traffic Control System

Cost: $10 billion

Jobs: 2,300 direct

Plains and Easter Electric Transmission Lines (Oklahoma to Tennessee)

Cost: $2.5 billion

Jobs: 3,300 direct

Project Clean Lake, Cleveland, Ohio

Cost: $3 billion

Jobs: 2,150 direct

South Carolina Dams Accelerated Repairs

Cost: $850 million

Jobs: 2,200 direct

Hydroelectric Plants operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Cost: $4 billion

Jobs: 550 direct

Texas Central Railway

Cost: $12 billion

Jobs: 40,000 direct

Cotton Belt Line Rail Project (Dallas/Fort Worth)

Cost: $1.1 billion

Jobs: 2,000 direct

Cadiz Water Conveyance Project (Mojave Desert)

Cost: $250 million

Jobs: 5,900 direct

TransWest Express Transmission (Wyoming, California, Nevada, Arizona)

Cost: $3 billion

Jobs: 3,000 direct, 4,000 indirect

Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy/Wyoming

Cost: $5 billion

Jobs: 1,000 direct

Second Avenue Subway – Phases 2 & 3 (New York City)

Cost: $14.2 billion

Jobs: 16,000

Savannah Harbor Expansion Acceleration

Cost: $706 million

Jobs: 2,400 direct, 11,000 indirect

Atlantic Coast Pipeline (West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina)

Cost: $4.5-$5 billion

Jobs: 10,000 direct job years

Champlain Hudson Power Express (New York metro)

Cost: $2.2 billion

Jobs: 1,000 direct job years

DC Union Station Expansion & Rehab

Cost: $8.7 billion

Jobs: 16,000 direct job years

Maryland Purple Line

Cost: $5.6 billion

Jobs: 5,000 direct job years

M-1 Rail, Detroit

Cost: $528 million

Jobs: 500 direct job years

Gordie How International Bridge

Cost: $4.5 billion

Jobs: 13,000 direct job years, 10,000 indirect jobs

Kansas City Airport

Cost: $972 million

Jobs: 1,000 direct jobs

The Peace Bridge (Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada, and Buffalo, New York)

Cost: $700 million

Jobs: 700 direct

MBTA Green Line Extension, Boston

Cost: $3 billion

Jobs: 3,000 direct

Augustin Plains Ranch (New Mexico underground water storage)

Cost: $600 million

Jobs: 600 direct

I-93 Rebuild, New Hampshire

Cost: $800 million

Jobs: 800 direct

Lake Pontchartrain Bridge/Causeway

Cost: $125 million

Jobs: 200 direct

Port Newark Container Terminal Improvements

Cost: $500 million

Jobs: 500 direct

Howard Street Tunnel (Baltimore)

Cost: $425 million

Jobs: 500 direct, 3,200 indirect

Red and Purple Line Modernization, Chicago

Cost: $2.1 billion

Jobs: 2,100 direct

I-395/I-95 Reconstruction

Cost: $800 million

Jobs: 800 direct

Chicago Union Station Redevelopment

Cost: $1 billion

Jobs: 1,000 direct

Upper Mississippi Locks 20-25

Cost: $1.8 billion

Jobs: 1,800 direct

Illinois River Locks – Lagrange and Peoria

Cost: $640 million

Jobs: 650 direct

Colorado I-70 Mountain Corridor

Cost: $1 billion

Jobs: 1,000 direct

Colorado I-25 Improvements

Cost: $1 billion

Jobs: 1,000 direct

IHNC Lock Replacement, New Orleans

Cost: $893 million

Jobs: 900 direct

Chickamauga Lock

Cost: $383 million

Jobs: 400 direct

Soo Locks Reconstruction

Cost: $580 million

Jobs: 600 direct

Huntington Beach Desalination Plant

Cost: $350 million

Jobs: 400 direct

Upper Ohio Navigation Improvements

Cost: $1.7 billion

Jobs: 1,700 direct

Monongahela River Locks-and-Dams

Cost: $900 million

Jobs: 900 direct

Seattle Airport Expansion

Cost: $2 billion

Jobs: 2,000 direct

Arlington Memorial Bridge

Cost: $250 million

Jobs: 300 direct

Energy Storage and Grid Modernization

Cost: “variable”

Jobs: “variable”

St. Louis Airport

Cost: $1.8 billion

Jobs: 1,800 direct