Erskine Pick Up Brush

Swept Away…

Sweep clean, scrape mud going forward or in reverse. Ideal for construction, industrial or municipal jobs, the Pick-Up Broom is easy to attach and simple to operate. It”s reversible cutting edge helps cut loose caked-on mud, while the sweeper”s poly bristles deposit dirt and degris in the container which can be dumped when full.

  • Adjsutable arbor allows control over bristle pressure to surface while extending bristle life
  • Replaceable cutting edge
  • Completely covered to control dust
  • Ideal for warehouse, machine sheds, parking lots, job sites, etc., where dust containment is a MUST!
  • Reversible poly bristle direction for multi-purpose


Wafer Package Poly 72

Wafer Package Poly/Steel 72

84 Model

Wafer Package Poly 84

Wafer Package Poly/Steel 84

Curb Sweeper Attachment

Factory Installed Faster Flat-Faced Couplers

Factory Installed Parker Flat-Faced Couplers

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