Erskine 6-Way Dozer Blade/Grader/Leveler

Turn your skid steer into a high performance, dirt moving machine. This dozer, grader and leveler is all in one package. Ideal for dozing, scraping, and cutting swails. Also, levels roads, yards and job sites. Turn your skid steer into a high performance grading machine. Six-way hydralically controlled dozer blade is easy to operate. Saves jobsite prep time. Optional EZ Grading/Leveling Package (wheel kit) available for leveling and grading.


  • 6-way Dozer Blade

  • Heavy-duty, quality construction and design

  • Optional EZ Grading/Leveling Package (wheel kit) eliminates unwanted blade hop

  • Adjustable skid shoes for control of cutting edge depth

  • Bolt-on front end cutting edges

  • Optional pistol grip control harness


90 Model

96 Model

Pistol Grip Control Harness

Universal Wiring Harness

EZ Grading/Leveling Combo Package

Factory Installed Faster Flat-Faced Couplers

Factory Installed Parker Flat-Faced Couplers


Weight                                 880#            940#                  970#

Blade Width                         78                90″                    96″

Width Fully Angled               67.5 @ 30°   78 @ 30°          83 @30°

Tilt Angle                             +/- 11.5°       +/- 11.5°             +/- 11.5°

Cutting Edge                         1/2 x 6      1/2 x 6              1/2 x 6

Angle Cylinders(2)                  3 x 8          3 x 8                    3 x 8

Tilt Cylinder(1)                        3 x 4          3 x 4                   3 x 4

Moldboard Height                   26.7          26.7                    26.7

With Optional Wheel Kit

Weight                                  1340#        1400#                 1460#

Tires (solid rubber)                  18            18                      18

Endplate                                included     included              included


The dozer blade moves large amounts of material in minutes. Maximize your skid steer performance by using this versatile tool.




The EZ Grading & Leveling package allows you efficiently grade to your precise slope. This tool is ideal for crowning roads, ditching and creating swails.



The dozer blade equipped with the EZ Grading & Leveling package allows for the operator to move material to a uniform elevation. This rapidly prepares the job site with a smooth, consistent level plane.


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