Safety Vision's Route Recorder 2c

The RouteRecorder® 2C is a compact digital video recording solution that supports 2 cameras for complete viewing coverage. It provides high quality mobile digital video recording (MDVR) and uses a removable hard drive for extended data storage. Simple to install, it is the ideal digital choice for those looking for a drop in replacement to a current VCR system at an affordable price.


  • Designed to operate in high-vibration environments yet reliably record data using a 2.5″ mobile rated harddrive
  • Panic button to mark events for easy searching and identification with search capability up to 98x fastforward and review
  • Password-protected user interface with an integrated locking removable drive bay, eliminating the need foran external lock box
  • Backend software allows scheduling of automatic event downloads to a smart directory structure andenables meta-data extraction, single frame snapshot, and video authentication