Scoot-Crete MTB16

Go where regular power buggies won™t go with Miller™s new Half-Track Power Buggy. No longer limited to hard compacted surfaces, the Half-Track can handle a variety of jobsite conditions including mud, sandy and loamy soil or wet grass.

The Half-Track features an optional four foot stake body bed that easily converts the power buggy to a tracked utility vehicle. With this conversion, the Half-Track can be used to transport a variety of materials, such as concrete forms, brick, block, sod and shrubbery around the jobsite.

The Half-Track comes standard with high torque hydraulic wheel motors that have twice the load rating of a standard motor and provide 32% more torque.

With the combination of the high torque drive motors and surface area provided by the tracks, the Half-Track climbs hills that conventional buggies can™t handle.

Miller™s Half-Track power buggies provide unmatched strength and structural integrity, excellent durability, and ideal weight distribution. With this new product, Miller redefines standards by which power buggies are judged.