Zanetis Power introduces new series of milling attachments

DSC01541-(2)( Brownsburg, In.) Zanetis Power Attachments has launched a new series of self

powered milling attachments for loader backhoes and wheel loaders.

This attachment is ideal for milling asphalt or concrete prior to overlay, cutting utility

trenches and performing in place recycling or stabilization of road base and soil.

The key to the new series (called the “RoadHog”) is that they are completely self

contained with their own engine and hydraulic system, which eliminates any power

requirements from the host vehicle.

The RoadHogs are powered by John Deere PowerTech turbocharged Tier 3 compliant

4 cylinder diesel engines. The 76hp unit is suitable for backhoes over 13,000lbs. The

140 and 200hp unit is designed for wheel loaders with a minimum of 12,000lbs. of static

tip load at full turn. Power is transferred through a hydraulic clutch to a planetary gear

driveline within the drum.

The 76hp units, available in 30 and 40 cutting widths, feature an 8” cutting depth

capability. The 140 and 200hp units for wheel loaders have a cutting depth of 12” with

cutting widths of 40, 48, 60 and 72 inches. The cutting drum can be sideshifted

hydraulically to the operator’s right side for cutting shoulders or against curbs. The unit is

also equipped with hydraulic tilt (slope) control for matching grade or making bevel cuts.

Other options include an assortment of cutting drums and an 80 gallon pressurized

water system.

In addition, they feature a wireless remote controller that activates engine functions as

well as hydraulic tilt, depth and sideshift control of the drum, backed up by a master

instrument control panel. The master control panel also controls the drum position and

monitors engine functions, including fuel consumption and diagnostic codes, and can be

programmed to remind the operator of upcoming engine service intervals.

The unit is attached to the loader in place of the bucket using of pin on style or quick

attach style brackets, increasing loader versatility within the owner’s fleet.

This attachment is well suited for municipalities as well as paving and utility contractors,

as it has a much lower cost than dedicated milling machines and delivers higher

horsepower than skidsteer based planers.

The Zanetis Group has over 40 years of combined experience in the design,

manufacture and distribution of milling attachments, with distributors in the U.S. and

abroad, including Europe and the Pacific Rim.

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