Lightning Strike Screed Offers Lightweight and Versatile Screed System

Lura_LightningStrikeWEST FARGO, ND — The Lightning Strike Concrete Screed provides a revolutionary, lightweight and versatile roller screed option enabling easy transport and one-man set up. The lightweight design eliminates the need for extra hands on the job, making screed projects a two-person job. The versatility of the screed enables a variety of applications including pervious concrete or low slump mud as well as the capability to do uphill, downhill or circular pours.

Weighing in at less than 4.5 pounds per foot, the aluminum tubes boast ½ the weight of traditional roller screeds, enhancing ease of operation and safety while reducing transportation costs. The screed sections can be purchased separately or as part of the Contractors Package, which features a 20-, 12-, 6-, and 4-foot roller as well as two wall plugs, two riser wheels, three collapsible tri-pod set up stands and an accessory tote. The Contractor Package allows more than 18 different size combinations and the screeding of up to a 33-foot slab. Contractors will never again have to turn down a job due to lack of the correct size screed.

Featuring a clevis articulating, all-position handle, the Lightning Strike Screed allows the pitch of the handle to be easily adjusted to keep the gas motor upright and to be positioned perfectly for any raised slab or inclined pour. 1/8-inch riser wheels attach at both ends of the screed to elevate the system above the pour, reducing wear on the roller. Additional lift can be achieved by adding 3/8 or 5/8 inch riser wheel rings.

The Lightning Strike screed features a powerful 50cc, Honda gas engine ensuring the work is performed by the machine, not the crew. This power delivery combined with the lightweight design enhances ease of operation and ergonomics, while minimizing injuries and safety concerns.

Composed of rugged, construction-grade aluminum the tubes can be easily filled with water for a weight of 10 pounds per foot to achieve the compaction needed for pervious concrete. The tubes offer a threaded-axle coupling system enabling tubes to be extended or accessories added to easily accommodate any job. A motor side axel extension allows for a tube out both sides of the gearbox at the same time, allowing a pour even in the difficult applications with walls or obstructions on both sides. The CV joint offers a perfect solution for creating crowns or chambers and is easily set by how tightly the CV joint is threaded.

Attaching to the threaded male end of any screed section, wall plugs enable work right up against walls or obstructions. The wall plugs are available in 6-inch and 18-inch lengths and enhance the screeds versatility. A wet-screed shoe further increases versatility by attaching to the handle end and enabling the contractor to simply float across the top of the pour and either bull float or cross roll out the marks. A center pin pivot enables circular pours by replacing the handle of the screed, and pivoting for accurate circular concrete screeding.