Texas considers messing with taxes (as ‘Bama prepares to mess with Texas)

Texas joins in the “let’s maybe do something about the future of highway funding” movement by looking into vehicle miles travelled taxes, ooops, fees, no I mean charges.

Check out the Houston Chronicle’s report on the idea.

And a word about my headline. I know, it’s not original. But I have a friend who has a website called dontmesswithtaxes and yes it’s all about taxes and with tax time not that far off I thought I’d give it a plug. Great site. Plus, I’m in Alabama and she’s in Texas and last time ‘Bama played a Texas team in a bowl game I won a personally compiled CD courtesy of one of the ugliest field goals you will ever see. What will I win this time?

Anyway, with the previous post on the blog and now this one, maybe there is a little – sticking  with the football theme — momentum change. Not much, not anywhere near enough, but perhaps the idea that something (as compared to nothing) has to be done to keep funds moving to highway projects is becoming (reluctantly in legislatures everywhere) a reality that we have no choice but to face.