Ruston BagsSTOLTZ Site Spreaders® offer a full line of soil stabilization spreaders from Stoltz Mfg., LLC in Morgantown, PA.  Stoltz has put together an economically priced spreader line that loads and spreads without dust and fills as fast as the tanker can unload.  Models are available in 15 – 30 ton sizes, truck mount or trailer models, and drag chain or dual auger hoppers.

Leveraging 60 years experience in the lime spreading business, the Stoltz Site Spreader can spread up to 120 pounds per square yard (65 kg/m2).  The Site Spreaders are filled pneumatically from a bulk tanker, silo or pig. Air exits the hopper through external filter cans, internal baghouses or popup filter bags for dust free loading.  Dustless spreading can be achieved by adding the MicroMist spray system from NESCO. A consistent application rate is achieved by radar controlled variable rate hydraulics, eliminating the need to maintain a constant ground speed.

The spreaders will apply quicklime, flyash, portland cement, hydrated lime, bentonite and lime kiln dust in rates as high as 120 lb/yd2 in an 8, 10 or 12 foot wide level swath.

During spreading, dust is controlled by surrounding the spreading auger with heavy-duty dust curtains.  To insure safety while loading, the hopper is protected by a high capacity, low pressure relief vent.  Access to the interior is through removable side or top manways. Also available is a digital scale system to monitor filling and spreading.  All truck mounted systems are upgradeable to full GPS for mapping applied rates or for variable rate application.

For more information, contact Gary Lake or Bernard Hershberger at Stoltzfus Spreaders (800-843-8731) or visit the company website at