Just Do It. Kansas-style.

Oh my goodness!

Common sense and doing the right things creep into politics! We have politicians doing what has to be done and a public willing to pay for it. In Clay Center, Kansas, we read this in the Dispatch:

Clay County Commissioners agreed Monday to spend $350,000 of the county’s special sales tax for road and bridge improvements on asphalt to catch up on road improvements.

Commissioners agreed to use the sales tax on asphalt after consulting the account and ensuring they would have enough to pay off bridge bonds.

“The reason we’re doing it is because we’re a little behind on property taxes and and we need to fix the roads,” Commission Chairman David Thurlow said, and also said they should let citizens know they plan to spend some of the sales tax used exclusively for bridges up to this point on roads now too.

Originally passed to pay off bonds on two bridges across the Republican at Clifton and Morganville, voters approved spending on road improvements when the levy came up for renewal in 2010 after the first five years.”

The Founding Fathers felt that if the good common sense of the average American could be harnessed, we would be just fine. These folks are those folks. And Washington is enough to make Sam Adams cry into his Sam Adams.

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