New Road Products

By Tina Grady Barbaccia


Bonnell Industries 

Minimizes number of plow passes

The Front-Mount Patrol Wing from Bonnell Industries is designed to enhance snow removal effectiveness by expanding the total plowing width and allowing plow operators to minimize the number of passes they make to clear a road. Featuring heavy-duty construction using 8 3/8-inch ribs, 10-gauge moldboard shell and heavy structural tubing at the mount, a heavy-duty, independent, nonbinding float mechanism keeps the toe of the moldboard on the ground. An enclosed direct-lift toe cylinder keeps the cylinder out of road grime and eliminates binding on the slide mechanism. Standard deceleration for stowing the moldboard is standard as well as an optional side-shift cylinder.

Condux International

Solid body fluted reamers

Condux International’s line of Triple D HDD and compaction boring tools and equipment – including backreamers – features solid body and solid body fluted reamers, wing reamers, clay reamers, as well as stacked plate and barrel reamers. All units are manufactured from either solid-alloy steel, tool steel or heat-treated alloy steel for strength and durability. Each reamer is available in a range of sizes and with various swivel options (when applicable) to meet specific application requirements.

Snow Ex Untitled 1SnowEx

Walk-behind broadcast spreader

SnowEx introduces the SP-85SS walk-behind broadcast spreader, which comes with a stainless-steel frame to help eliminate rust issues, while the hopper is protected by corrosion-resistant polyethylene construction. The SP-85SS offers a 160-pound capacity and is capable of spreading bagged rock salt and pelletized material.

Doosan Infracore Portable Power

Intuitive joystick control

The Doosan Control System (DCS) full-color, digital display panel gives the operator complete control of the air compressors. The control system is available on the new XP825 and HP750e air compressors. DCS uses an intuitive joystick control, and settings can be customized to view only important information related to the application at hand, such as air pressure, compressor speed, pressure regulations, airend temperature and separator tank temperature. The easy-to-read display allows the operator immediate access to preloaded PDF documents of the operator’s manual, service manual and parts manual, through an integrated e-reader library. Full machine status and fault code history are also readily available. 


Automated two-pedal shift system

Freightliner Trucks’ AMT3 automated-manual transmission for Business Class M2 vehicles combines the design principles of a manual transmission with intelligent electronics to form an automated two-pedal shift system that equalizes driver performance and improves fuel economy. The AMT3 eliminates the torque converter and instead couples the engine to the transmission with a hydraulically-actuated clutch. This clutch actuation results in minimal torque interrupt during acceleration and shifting, while providing constant lock-up. The Transmission Control Unit’s intelligent shift logic evaluates road, grade and load conditions to perform shifts at optimal engine RPMs.


Tracking safety goals

HeavyJob job management software from HCSS allows foremen and project engineers to enter time card information and that an individual has attended a safety meeting. Construction companies use the safety application to track and report all job-level safety information and manage historical safety data for each job in one location. The product also helps the company manage individual employees’ safety compliance, certification and training. A dashboard displays the key indicators of the company’s safety program across all jobs instantly, and alerts management to areas that require immediate attention. An incident management feature simplifies capture, classification and documentation of recordable incidents for company analysis and the OSHA Form 300 log of work-related injuries and illnesses.

Husq Untitled 1Husqvarna Construction Products

High-power cutter, low-fuel consumption

The K1260 power cutter from Husqvarna Construction Products follows in the footsteps of the K760 and K970 power cutters. Several of the new features include an engine that produces 7.8 horsepower, a built-in automatic filter compensation unit and SmartCarb to help maintain high power and lower fuel consumption.

Tensar International

Flexible but durable barrier

Tensar International’s Endurablend Systems advanced-polymer cement slurry surfacing (PCSS) products-provide a flexible but durable barrier over asphalt and concrete pavements. The systems are said to extend service life and defer more expensive remedies. New products, which include Endurablend Deckset, Endurablend Crackfill and Endurablend Preserve, have been newly formulated to combat common surfacing problems experienced by roadway, airport and bridge deck pavements and to enhance crack-filling and color-surfacing applications.

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