City of LA awards EMCOR Group Inc.’s Dynalectric contracts to upgrade, modify traffic signal equipment

EMCOR Group Inc.’s Dynalectric Los Angeles subsidiary has been awarded contracts by the City of Los Angeles, California, to upgrade and modify the existing traffic signal equipment in the Wilmington and Canoga Park districts of Los Angeles, as part of the City’s new Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control System.

Dynalectric will be responsible for the replacement of all of the signal controllers for both districts, as well as related installation of conduit, fiber optic cables, video cameras and poles, pavement-embedded loop detectors, and video and data communication equipment. Some intersections may also require the replacement and installation of certain equipment intended to enhance the safety of motorists and pedestrians who use the intersections.

“As a major electrical contractor that has performed roadway projects for the City of Los Angeles and surrounding areas, Dynalectric is proud to have again been selected to serve the City,” stated Chris Pesavento, president and CEO of Dynalectric Los Angeles. “The purpose of the new Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control System is to allow for smoother traffic flow through the area, which will benefit users of traffic infrastructure.”