Freightliner Trucks Introduces AMT3 Automated-Manual Transmission for Business Class M2 Vehicles

PORTLAND, Ore – Freightliner Trucks today introduced its AMT3™ automated-manual transmission for Business Class® M2 vehicles.

The new transmission technology combines the design principles of a manual transmission with intelligent electronics to form an automated two-pedal shift system that equalizes driver performance and improves fuel economy.  

Unlike automatic transmissions, the Freightliner AMT3 eliminates the torque converter and instead couples the engine to the transmission with a hydraulically actuated clutch. This innovative clutch actuation results in minimal torque interrupt during acceleration and shifting, while providing constant lock-up.

In addition, clutch control and gear shifts are managed by the Transmission Control Unit (TCU). The TCU’s intelligent shift logic evaluates road, grade and load conditions to perform shifts at optimal engine RPMs, resulting in fast and smooth shifting, and significant fuel savings.

 “We know what our customers want – smart, reliable solutions that will enhance driver comfort while maximizing savings,” said TJ Reed, director of product marketing for Freightliner Trucks. “And with the Freightliner AMT3, we have created yet another tool that will reduce fuel and maintenance costs to positively impact the bottom line.”

The AMT3’s smooth clutch actuation significantly reduces wear for greater longevity, eliminating the need to replace the clutch virtually over the lifetime of the truck. Lightweight materials such as an aluminum housing increase freight efficiency, and durable components such as heat-treated steel alloy gears and sealed bearings are built to last over the life of the truck.  

Backed by one of the largest networks in the industry – customers can rely on Freightliner’s service and parts distribution network for parts supply, scheduled maintenance or emergency assistance.

Ideal for pick-up and delivery, such as food and beverage distribution, utility and towing applications, the AMT3 automated manual transmission is available to order now for Freightliner Class 6 and 7 trucks in the U.S. and Canada.