Roadtec Inc.: A broom that’s twice as strong

Roadtec's FB-85 BroomRoadtec's FB-85 Broom

Roadtec’s new 83-horsepower self-propelled FB-85 broom features 14,000 pounds of construction-grade axle capacity, which is twice the strength of competing models, according to the manufacturer.

A telescoping broom head allows the operator to switch brooms quickly without the need to change out broom head and a side-shift feature prevents tire wear when sweeping next to a curb.

The broom drive motor can be mounted on the right or left side of the broom head allowing flush-sweeping on the right or the left side. The machine features sealed brakes to keep dust and debris out, and the hood can be fully raised to make maintenance easier.

A Caterpillar 3.4-liter, 4-cylinder diesel engine powers the broom. The variable width broom head can rotate 33 degrees to either side and broom widths between 72 inches and 96 inches can be used.