Pexco introduces more durable HOT DOT center-mount reflectors to keep roadways brighter longer

Tacoma, Wash. (February 15, 2011) – Pexco has launched HOT DOT center-mount reflectors, a highly abrasion- and impact-resistant roadway reflector for permanent and bright delineation. The 3-inch round reflectors, available from Pexco’s Davidson Traffic Control Products division, are used in a variety of traffic safety applications that require unsurpassed brightness and long-lasting delineation that can withstand temperatures as low as -4F.

Hot DotUnlike traditional molded acrylic reflectors, HOT DOT units are constructed of a durable extruded polycarbonate that is laminated onto Reflexite brand cube-corner micro-prismatic abrasion-resistant sheeting. This combination of materials ensures the reflectors will not lose brightness when impacted by sand, pebbles and other objects or suffer from loss of reflectivity due to water intrusion and are UV stable for long service life.

The reflectors are available in white, yellow, red, blue or green, and can be quickly installed with rivets, nails or screws or can be glued in place on roadside delineator posts, guardrail delineators and 9-button signs. Optional pressure sensitive Very High Bond (VHB) strips provide quick, reliable peel and stick adhesion onto metal surfaces.

HOT DOT reflectors are manufactured in Yakima by Davidson Traffic Control Products, a division of Pexco LLC, and comply with 2009 MUTCD.

About Pexco

Based in Atlanta and with seven plants in the United States and Mexico, Pexco is a North American leader in the design and fabrication of extruded plastics products.  It provides standard and custom parts and components to manufacturers and end-users in the traffic safety, aerospace, retail, medical, lighting and fence industries.  Davidson® traffic control products include Type I, II and III barricades, channelizer posts, curb systems, work zone pavement markers, flexible delineator posts, reflectors for barrier walls and guardrails, snow poles and adhesive products. Pexco offers a full range of custom design, engineering and fabrication services.  Pexco meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, holds ISO 14001 registration for all of its manufacturing operations and operates two class 100,000 clean rooms.  For more information, visit