Bluebeam: 3D viewing, area cutout and dynamic views

Bluebeam’s Revu 9 has 3D PDF viewing capability that enables users to navigate through complex models on screen and rotate, spin and zoom to gain a dynamic view of the project.

Users can refine their perspective and vantage point, as well as isolate and view various specific elements, make transparent layers to drill down into masked details and save these specific views in the document so that project collaborators can have the same perspective.

Advanced animation features also allow users to cycle through all 3D views within the document. The program’s new VisualSearch function enables users to highlight a specific visual element or symbol to find and Revu 9 searches for instances of that element across the current document, all open documents, recent documents or files in a specific folder.

Markups and hyperlinks may be simultaneously applied to all identified VisualSearch results, eliminating the need to do this manually. The program also allows for area cutouts through its takeoff tools, to account for obstructions in area measurements and create more accurate estimates.

New Unicode text support enables users to add text-based markups in any left-to-right reading language. Additionally, a markup translation feature instantly translates markups to more than 55 languages. Users can also dictate their markups verbally through a microphone while Revu 9 converts them to text markups on any PDF.

The latest version also enables users to convert PDF files back to their original native MS Office file formats with export capability to Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as HTML for online use and searchability. The MultiView Extended capability allows users to run multiple sessions of Revu concurrently and move document tabs dynamically between the sessions.

Tabs can also be dragged and dropped to an attached second monitor for expanded viewing and more efficient review. The new Erase Content option enables users to delete all unwanted text and images by selecting the desired area and clearing it all with a click.

For better issue tracking, Revu 9 has powered up the integrated Markups list by enabling users to assign custom statuses to markups. Statuses can also be assigned text and color properties that change depending on the selected state. Bluebeam PDF Revu 9 is available in three editions – Revu Standard for general CAD and Office users; Revu CAD for AutoCAD, Revit and SolidWorks; and Revu eXtreme for PDF power users.

The Revu eXtreme edition allows for optical character recognition ( OCR) and the capability to take text scanned in PDFs and make it searchable and selectable.