LaHood: ‘We are another step closer to delivering an innovative, national transportation network’

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood issued a statement on April 6 regarding the $2.4 billion available for high-speed rail.

In the statement, LaHood said the nation is “another step closer to delivering an innovative, national transportation network that brings new jobs and economic opportunity to the American people.

“Since I announced the availability of an additional $2.4 billion for high-speed rail projects, governors and members of Congress have been clamoring for the opportunity to participate,” LaHood continued. “That’s because they know that high-speed rail will deliver tens of thousands of jobs, spur economic development across their communities and create additional options for their citizens as the country’s population grows. We have received more than 90 applications from 24 states, the District of Columbia and Amtrak for projects in the Northeast Corridor, with preliminary requests totaling nearly $10 billion dollars. We are extremely pleased to see the bipartisan enthusiasm behind all of the requests to get into the high-speed rail business. Thanks to President Obama’s bold vision for a national high-speed rail network, we will win the future for America.”