Work area protection introduces lane changer traffic drums featuring new design and better performance

Lane Changer DrumWork Area Protection Corp. introduces the Lane Changer traffic drum with a new design for more stable and efficient performance.

The Lane Changer drum’s new 5-inch-wide anti-rotation claws for use with a tire ring keep the drums stable and facing traffic to reduce the need for repositioning. The drum is also designed to minimize stacking height and maximize load quantities so more drums get to the jobsite in fewer trips, saving time and money. The Lane Changer traffic drum meets MUTCD, NCHRP 350, and sheeting configuration requirements for all state specifications and is already approved in most states.

The built-in, 10-inch-wide, anti-roll bottom allows the drum to resist rolling after an impact. The two-piece breakaway feature allows the drum a controlled separation upon impact, while letting the user drag the drum into position without separation. A ribbed bottom lip provides easy base attachment for rubber bases.

“Work Area Protection’s Lane Changer traffic drums are leading the way in traffic drum design with features that make them more secure, stable and effective,” said Jeff Smith, vice president–specialty products, Work Area Protection. “The improved tire ring design creates a superior gripping action that provides a secure attachment so the drum won’t pull out during lane changes. Also, the reduced stacking height improves efficiencies of lane closures.”

The Lane Changer features recessed reflective tiers that provide long-lasting protection of sheeting, and the built-in sheeting edge protector guards against wear during drum stacking and transportation. A rounded, ergonomic handle on the dome-shaped top allows for easy access while providing a comfortable grip, and features a double light mount for convenience. The Lane Changer drums are UV-stabilized for protection from sun damage.

Founded in 1969, Work Area Protection is a manufacturer of temporary traffic control equipment such as vehicle-mounted arrow board panels, traffic cones, drums and attenuators for the highway construction and utility markets. Work Area Protection is a subsidiary of New Enterprise Stone and Lime Company, Inc.

For more information on the Lane Changer traffic drum, contact Work Area Protection Corp. at P.O. Box 4087, St. Charles, IL 60174. Phone: 630.377.9100. Toll free: 800.327.4417. Fax: 630.377.9270. E-mail: Website: