X-TensionT guardrail end terminal

Xtension NoseNCHRP 350 TL-3, Re-Directive,  Non-Gating End Terminal / EN1317-4 End Terminal The X-Tension Guardrail Terminal is the only fully re-directive, non-gating guardrail end terminal.  The X-Tension system has been engineered  to be used interchangeably for flared and tangent roadside applications.  This results in significant savings in inventory, repair and maintenance costs.

Parts are compatible with standard highway rails, and both steel and wood post options are available.

How it Works

The X-Tension Guardrail Terminal uses X-Tension technology rather than compression-based technology to absorb the energy of an impacting vehicle.

The X-Tension Terminal provides exceptional vehicle control and energy absorbing capabilities during head-on impacts. The energy is absorbed at the impact head rather than being transferred down the rail as occurs with other terminals. The beginning of length of need (BLON) is at post 1, as opposed post 3 in gating terminals. During side impacts, tension in the rail is transferred via the cables to the foundation anchors to provide containment and smooth redirection.

Meets All United States and European Guidelines The X-TensionT Guardrail Terminal meets all Federal criteria (FHWA and NCHRP Report 350, TL 3) for a fully redirective, non-gating, energy absorbing terminal. The X-Tension Terminal has also been successfully tested to the European EN1317-4 test criteria as an 110 km/h (69 mph) redirective terminal.

Features and Benefits

Only NCHRP 350 tested non-gating guardrail end terminal available Parts Interchangeable between tangent and flared systems Easy to install Utilizes many standard guardrail components

General Specifications

  • Hazard Width Range – 22-28″ [560 -710 mm]
  • TL-3 Length – 40′ [12 m]
  • Height – 32″ [813 mm].