24.4 ton Reduced Tail Swing Excavator. R235LCR-9, perfect for big jobs in tight areas!

The new R235LCR-9 excavator features new hydraulic technologies and a multitude of standard features that make it outstanding performer and a great value.

The base machine configuration includes numerous valuable standard features at very a competitive price.  The R235LCR-9 has an operating weight of up to 53,830 lbs and comes equipped with a 18’8” boom and 9’7” arm and a 1.18 yd3 heavy duty bucket. 

The R235LCR-9 is designed to be compact and stable, perfect for working in confined work areas.  In fact when working over the side of the machine, the rear counterweight hangs over a mere 6 inches beyond the 32” track pads.

Unlike most manufacturer’s, all Hyundai excavators include a heavy duty bucket within the base machine price.  The 9 series goes beyond expectations with regard to standard features.  All 9 series excavators include the following in the base machine price: Heated air-ride suspension seat, transparent skylight, radio with mp3 input and remotely mounted controls, adjustable sunshades, cup holders, hands-free cell phone function, ultra-bright 7” color monitor, control pattern selector valve, battery cut-off switch, lockable fuel cap, right and left side boom flood lights, HI-mate (Remote Management System), and Hyundai’s industry-best Total Coverage Warranty.

I you plan to invest in an excavator “Think Comfort,” “Think Efficiency,”  “Think Performance,”  and ultimately “Think Hyundai.”


All 9 Series models feature a new larger, operator’s cab with additional sound proofing insulation and a reinforced structure for a quieter and safer operating experience.   9 Series cabs are truly designed for operators of all shapes and sizes.  The R235LCR-9 features adjustable height left and right control consoles for additional operating comfort. The heated air-ride seat is fully adjustable with infinite custom configurations for the most ergonomic operator preference.  A redesigned air conditioning and heating system provides enhanced climate control with 20% more output, improved defrosting and better air circulation.  Visibility is significantly enhanced now with a larger one-piece right side window, larger rear window, smaller front window seam and upper transparent skylight.  Storage compartments and cup holders are placed in convenient locations for optimal access.


Hyundai invests significant time and resources in product testing and comparative analysis.  Real world competitive tests have proven the new 9 series to be one of the most fuel efficient machines on the market today.  New engine efficiencies, improved electronic control, and new hydraulic technologies are incorporated in the 9 series to make it one of the most efficient machines on the market.


Hyundai’s 9 series may be extremely efficient, however, power and performance are still top priorities.  Hyundai’s R235LCR-9 proved to be an outstanding performer as compared to leading competitors.  New tier III Cummins engine technology in the R235LCR-9 provide state-of-the-art electronic control with maximum horsepower and optimal torque.  Harnessing the newly improved engine and hydraulic technologies, the new CAPO (Computer Aided Power Optimization) system offers a user friendly interface and customizable machine operation through power mode, work mode and user mode selection.  Insuring machine performance and reduced maintenance issues, all Hyundai’s include the HI-mate remote management system which uses GPS – Satellite technology and a user friendly, internet-based system to access critical machine information from anywhere in the world.  HI-Mate service is provided free of charge for the first 3 years of ownership.

Hyundai’s standard warranty is the industry’s best!  Each new 9 series machine comes with Hyundai’s exclusive “Total Coverage Warranty.”  This comprehensive warranty includes 3 years or 3,000 hours of full machine warranty, 5 years or 10,000 hours of structural guarantee, 3 years of free fluid analysis, and a free initial service call.  Now that should give you a reason to “Think Again.” 

Hyundai 9 series excavators offer industry leading performance, fuel efficiency, unprecedented comfort and more standard features than any other competitor in the market today.  Anyone in the market for a new excavator should Think Hyundai!