Tesla Model S earns top ratings from Consumer Reports

Tesla Model STesla Model S

Tesla’s Model S electric sedan has earned top scores from Consumer Reports’ test Ratings. The car outranks every other vehicle–electric or not–that Consumer Reports has tested.

In addition to the fact that the Model S can go from zero to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds, Consumer Reports attributes the high score to several aspects of Tesla’s car, ranging from technology to mileage to space.

The Model S features a 17-inch touch screen (which Consumer Reports likens to “a giant iPad”) in the dashboard, which controls high-res Google maps, the sunroof, the regenerative brake and suspension ride height.

Tesla added a larger battery to the bottom of the Model S, allowing the sedan to travel about 200 miles between charges. The vehicle takes a minimum of five hours with an optional High Power Wall Connector to fully charge (charge time jumps to 12 hours with a standard 240-volt charger), but Tesla offers in select states Supercharging stations that charge half the battery in 30 minutes.

Another plus in this highly-rated hatchback is the amount of space it offers. The lack of a gasoline engine frees up the front of the car for trunk space, and it also has rear cargo space. The sedan seats seven and includes an optional third-row jump seat.

The all-inclusive cost of the Model S is $89,650, though the High Power Wall Connector tacks on another $1,200.

Check out the video below, then head over to ConsumerReports.com for more details about its test Rating of the Tesla Model S.

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