Bad chocolate: The downside of electric cars

electric car

Remember when chocolate was good for you. Then bad. Now it’s good again?

Well, now it seems electric cars may not be as eco-friendly as we first thought.

According to a report from BBC, a recent study by scientists in environment- and electric vehicle-friendly Norway has “found that in some circumstances electric cars can have a greater impact on global warming than conventional cars.”

It’s all got to do with two major factors: how the electricity the cars use is generated and the way the cars, and especially their batteries, are manufactured.

This is a European report, so something will be lost in translation, but the issues raised are real. It seems that if we don’t clean up the way we make electricity, electric cars may be bad chocolate.

I’m kind of middle-of-the-road on electric cars–fence-sitting you might say–with one obvious exception: I’m a big guy and most of these vehicles are tiny. When you talk about alternative vehicles I want to hear you talk about something I can fit into.