A legendary supercar gets even cooler

Ferrari FFFerrari FF

Think of four-wheel drive, four-seat hatchbacks and you probably don’t think of these two manufacturers.

Hint: They’re as red as ripe apples and now come with iPad Minis in the headrests and Siri. We’re talking Ferrari and Apple, as Wired.com is reporting. The two companies have been working together and the result is here. Starting at $295,000

My first thought was that if I was behind the wheel of the new Ferrari FF I would not be taking my eyes of the road or my mind off staying on it. Fact is the iPads are for back-seat passengers. Now Siri has been done before by Chevy and Honda, but I can always ask it where the nearest yacht brokerage might be. Because if I am driving the FF I will surely never risk the reputation by asking a real person for directions.