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Top New Products from the Big Trade Shows


asphalt-logoWhen asphalt paving industry players, including 6,000-plus registered attendees, gathered Feb. 15-18 in Cincinnati for the record-setting World of Asphalt 2010 Show & Conference, they were met by equipment manufacturers ready to show new products.

Compiled by Mike Anderson



With the introduction of the 8-foot-class AP500E wheeled and AP555E tracked asphalt pavers, Caterpillar has brought larger-paver technology and features to the commercial paving market. The material-handling system utilizes four individual pumps that enable each conveyor and auger to deliver the exact amount of mix to the screed. The left and right conveyors and left and right augers are controlled independently, ensuring mix demand is met when shifting paving widths. When equipped with the AS2252C screed, the AP500E and AP555E operate at 33,715 and 35,290 pounds respectively. Write 001 on Reader Service Card.




Bomag’s intelligent compaction system is now available on a second 78-inch asphalt roller. The Asphalt Manager system automatically optimizes the BW278AD4 AM tandem vibratory roller’s compaction performance during operation, continuously measuring the stiffness of the asphalt mat and adjusting compaction force where needed. The real-time display allows the operator to constantly monitor asphalt surface temperature, material stiffness, roller speed and amplitude. Proof rolling with the system allows base work to be inspected prior to paving. Write 002 on Reader Service Card.




Available in three- or four-wheeled configurations, the PL500T and PF500TD represent a new generation of compact cold planers from Dynapac. At 110 and 130 horsepower respectively, increased output from the Cummins QSB 4.5 diesel engines ensures improved performance and maximum cutting depths of 6.3 inches for the PL500T and 7.9 inches for the PL500TD. Special drums for demarcation work and fine spaced cutting drums are easy to change. Smaller drums with an adapted scraper blade and a side cutting wheel are available as options. Write 003 on Reader Service Card.




The new Wirtgen W 200 and W 210 cold mills can both be equipped with milling drum assemblies of 59, 79 or 87 inches. Three selectable engine speeds enable a broad range of applications, from fine milling, to large-scale surface course rehabilitation, to complete pavement removal at full 13-inch cutting depth. The 59,934-pound W 200 is powered by a single engine generating 550 horsepower; the 62,138-pound W 210 boasts a unique fuel-saving drive concept utilizing two diesel engines, generating a total 671 horsepower. Write 004 on Reader Service Card.




Available for the L150F, L180F and L220F wheel loaders in the 5- to 7-cubic-yard range, Volvo’s new OptiShift driveline system option provides claimed fuel savings up to 12 percent compared to the same machines not equipped with OptiShift. Competitive testing in short-cycle loading and level/uphill load-and-carry have shown up to 30-percent lower fuel consumption versus major competitors. A refinement of the Volvo APS driveline concept, OptiShift features the patented Reverse By Braking function and a new torque converter with lock-up and free wheel stator. Write 005 on Reader Service Card.




Following the lead of the flagship Shuttle Buggy 2500, Roadtec announces that all of its material transfer devices are now using direct-drive technology, changing over from axles and gears to hydraulic motors that control each wheel. The SB-1500 is a more compact version of the 2500; the MTV-1000 on display at World of Asphalt uses a patented offset gravity transfer chute to reblend material just before delivery to the truck. The upgrade makes the machines easier to shift, easier to work on and more durable, says Roadtec, an Astec company. Write 006 on Reader Service Card.



TerexTerex Roadbuilding

Two years after the introduction of the 400-horsepower-class RS445C reclaimer/stabilizer, Terex Roadbuilding announces product enhancements in the areas of service, performance and comfort. The 2010 version of four-wheel-drive reclaimer/stabilizer features a rear-located, centralized service center, complete with a fold-down step and handrail. A new water-only delivery system is available for contractors who use the RS445C primarily for soil stabilization. A standard HVAC-pressurized, full-width cab now features a stand-alone design, reducing sound levels. Write 007 on Reader Service Card.



MOBA Corporation

What better approval for a company’s product than for another show exhibitor, holding a press conference, to not only mention the product, but to refer visitors to visit the other company’s booth to learn more about it? This is especially so when the product could not only be put to use by the proclaiming company, but by its direct competitors, too. Well, that’s exactly the plug equipment manufacturer Roadtec gave MOBA Corporation and the PAVE-IR sensor beam that, attached to the back of a paver, can detect segregation in real time, producing a complete thermal profile. Write 008 on Reader Service Card.



Bomag’s new BP series of vibratory plates includes a single-directional model designed for asphalt applications. The BP 12/50A weighs 165 pounds, has a 19.7-inch working width, and offers 2,700 pounds of centrifugal force.

Caterpillar customers now have a cutting width option when purchasing the PM200 cold planer. In addition to the standard 79-inch (2.0 m) rotor, the new 88-inch (2.2 m) option reduces passes during mainline, high-productivity milling.






Here’s a look at the latest innovations and production introductions from the World of Concrete (WOC) 2010, held in Las Vegas Feb. 2-5. The show had more than 55,000 attendees and 100-plus seminars.

Compiled by Tina Grady Barbaccia




The new Bobcat E42 and E45 compact excavators have been added to the M-Series line this year, replacing the 335 and 425 models. The E42 is a Conventional Tail Swing model, and the E45 is a zero tail swing model. The new models include an auto-idle feature, which if activated by the operator, automatically returns the engine to idle if excavator functions aren’t used for a period of four seconds.

The Bobcat E50 compact excavator has been added to the M-Series line, launched last year with the E32, E35, E80, and E60 models. The E50 replaces the model 337. Its redesigned hydraulics with a load-sensing pump and closed center-valve system, provide improved, refined control of the machine’s travel and work group operation. Combined with re-engineered boom geometry, this means increased bucket breakout force. Write 009 on Reader Service Card.



Spin Screed, Inc.

The new Gas Powered Spin Screed world’s lightest weight power roller screed, according to its manufacturer, Spin Screed Inc., is powered by a Honda 4-cycle motor and can now be gas or electric powered and exceeds the flatness specifications in all of its applications. The company also has unveiled its Rugged Power Head for its Classic Spin Screed — the motor is now enclosed in a steel case. Write 010 on Reader Service Card.




Just clip 3M’s new Noise Indicator N1-100 to a shirt or jacket, and the LED light indicates when noise levels exceed a potentially hazardous threshold. When it’s red, noise is above 85 dBA and hearing projection may be needed. When it’s green, levels are less than 85 dBA and you may be in the clear and not need additional hearing protection. Write 011 on Reader Service Card.



Case Construction Equipment

Case Construction Equipment’s introduction at the World of Concrete of its Commodity King package for Case 621E and 721E wheel loaders keeps fluid system coolers working well by providing protection from excessive particulate matter, which boosts productivity in extreme air particulate-heavy environments. Optional rear-axle differentials also provide better traction and reduced tire wear for wheel loaders. Write 012 on Reader Service Card.




Hilti’s new DSH 700 and DSH 900 handheld gas saws perform with construction materials from wet/dry concrete and asphalt, expansion joints and curbs, to cutting through metals such as rebar, dowel bars, grating, and metal decks. The saws feature isolated handles with metal springs to minimize vibrations and cyclone filtration system (no pre-filter) and simple rope replacement.

The new DD 350 and DD 500 Coring Systems from Hilti are equipped with water-cooled, high-frequency brushless motors rated at 3600 and 5500 watts, respectively. The motors are equipped 10-speed electronic gearing (E-gears) and allow the speed to be adjusted while the motor is running. The built-in Iron Boost function provides extra performance for coring through rebar, according to the manufacturer.

The new Hilti WSR 18-A CPC reciprocating saw is the newest addition to the Hilti 18-volt cordless tool platform. The WSR 18-A is engineered with a high-efficiency motor and eccentric gear, and is an ideal tool for cutting EMT conduits, galvanized pipes, struts, threaded rods, anchor bolts and rebar, as well as cutting form work, plywood, OSB and 2x material. This reciprocating saw excels in creating openings in sheet metal, drywall and cement boards. Write 013 on Reader Service Card.



Honda Engines

Honda Engines introduced a new generation of its GX and iGX series general purpose engines. The new GX240, GX270, GX340 and GX390 engine models are overhead valve (OHV) horizontal shaft engines. The iGX Series now incorporates an electronic self-tuning regulator (STR) governor. The iGX engines are also OHV. Write 014 on Reader Service Card.




Swedish firm Aercrete unveiled its production system for insulated concrete forms (ICF) and lighweight concrete applications. The highly-flexible, mobile system combines the qualities of foam concrete with the benefits of reduced aggregates, a pre-mixed solution and on-site production and has several applications, including transportation infrastructure and construction. Write 015 on Reader Service Card.




Kubota’s KX057-4 compact excavator, a new conventional tail swing model in the five-ton class, offers an optional hydraulic float angle blade with 25-degree pivot angle. The machine’s 47.6 gross horsepower direct-injection diesel engine features single-side servicing and an auto-idle feature. The load-sensing hydraulic system employs a combination of closed and open center controls. Kubota also provided a sneak peek of its SV75/SVL90 compact track loaders, 75- and 90-horsepower, respectively, that will be available in early summer 2010. In early 2011, the company announced it will release Cab Model compact track loaders with an enclosed/pressurized cab. Write 016 on Reader Service Card.



Bartell Morrison, Inc.

Bartell Morrison Inc. and Global Emission Systems Inc.’s new ultra-low emission (ULE) exhaust systems incorporate a three-way Dry Selective Catalyst (DSC) system that reduces up to 99 percent of the carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emitted by any commercial fuel burning engine.The converters use two different types of catalysts, a reduction catalyst and an oxidation catalyst. For a video, go to 017 on Reader Service Card.




FastSet DOT Mix (No. 1244-56; with Corrosion Inhibitor No. 1244-53) from Quikrete is specially formulated for use in structural concrete repair, bridge decks, roadways and parking deck applications from 1/2-inch to 24 -inches thick. It exceeds the requirements of ASTM C-928 R-3 for concrete repair materials and can be extended with up to 25 pounds of 3/8-inch of stone or gravel with a top size of up to 1/2-inch for patches more than 2 inches thick. For a video of the DOT mix, go to Write 018 on Reader Service Card.




Doka’s Staxo 100 is a high-performance, load-bearing tower for commercial and heavy civil construction. Unveiled at World of Concrete, this galvanized steel frame shoring system uses a small number of system components and has incorporated connecting components. The tower can handle an extremely high leg-load capacity of up to 90 kips per leg, and the frames come in three different heights, a built-in ladder system, tie-off points for personal harnesses and fall arrest equipment. Write 019 on Reader Service Card.




Here’s a look at some of the innovations from the American Traffic and Safety Services Association (ATSSA) Annual Convention and Traffic Expo held in San Antonio Feb. 16-19.

Compiled by Tina Grady Barbaccia


Safeco Industries

The TRAFF ALERT handheld flashing LED paddles from Safeco Industries now have directional arrows and meets or exceeds the new Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) standards. Reflectivity HIP sheet meets ASTM D4956 Type III, IV and X Requirements and is made of polycarbonate. The paddles add visibility for traffic coming into a workzone and come in 18 and 24 inches. Watch for a new paddle with a video camera incorporated into it later this summer. See the Better Roads Facebook Fan Page ( for a demonstration video. Write 020 on Reader Service Card.



Road Systems International (RSI)

The SKT-SP and FLEAT-SP post systems from Road Systems International (RSI) now come in 12.5-feet versions, featuring an enhanced upper and lower hinged Post No. 1 and a hinged Post No. 2, without a ground strut. Now from Post No. 3 and beyond, generic standard W6 steel guardrail posts and standard W-Beam rail sections are used. “This makes it easier for the service people that inherit the post systems and guardrails attached to them – usually the state – easier to maintain because they’ll have the products in stock,” John Durkos with Road Systems Inc. tells Better Roads at ATSSA. “That reduces the need to keep specialized inventory on hand.” The post systems are NCDHRP 350 tested and approved. Write 021 on Reader Service Card.



Avery Dennison Graphics

Avery Dennison Graphics and Reflective Products Division (GRPD) introduced at ATSSA the OmniCube, a full-cube reflective sheeting that provides higher reflectivity for road signage by returning about 60 percent of available light back to the driver. The precision-tiled cubes perform consistently with uniform reflectivity allowing sign fabricators to “nest” shapes and letters, without affecting the reflectivity of the sign. The reflective sheeting exceeds all requirements of ASTM D4956-09 for Type XI sheeting. Write 022 on Reader Service Card.



baumaProduct information from the pre-bauma press event earlier this year. The giant show takes place in Munich, Germany, April 19-25.

Compiled by John Latta



Cummins will unveil four engines ready for EPA Tier 4 Interim. Included will be the debut of the company’s next generation 4-cylinder QSB3.3 and QSB4.5 engines for compact equipment. Also brand new will be the QSX11.9 and QSX15 heavy-duty engines. Cummins will display the power plants complete from air intake to exhaust.

The compact 3.3-liter and 4.5-liter QSB engines extend across the 75-hp to 160-hp (56 kW to 119 kW) power range, which Cummins says lets OEMs standardize its 4-cylinder installations with common Tier 4 Interim engine architecture. The engines feature a scaled-down EGR system, the company’s compact equipment exhaust after treatment system, a variable flow turbocharger and space saving air cleaners.

The 11.9-liter and 15-liter engines cover a broad 300-hp to 600-hp (224kW to 447 kW) power band and share the same technology for Tier 4 Interim such as the company’s new XPI common-rail fuel system. A variable geometry turbocharger is able to continuously vary airflow boost to match engine rpm and load demands and a new

air cleaner includes an integrated sensor for monitoring temperature and pressure to ensure optimum flow.

Hamm will show its new HD+ range of 10 models of tandem rollers. The HD+ 90 (operating weight approx. 9 metric tons) and HD+ 110 (operating weight approx. 11 metric tons) articulated tandem rollers offer broad visibility thanks to their compact design and unusually large new XXL cab with a vaulted glass roof. The operating console with its display is never out of sight. It is permanently attached to and moves with the seat.

The newly designed articulated joint allows a superior weight distribution in relation to comparable tandem rollers, says the company. This results in increased directional stability and improved compaction quality, especially on bends and roundabouts. The offset during crab steering has almost doubled compared with the previous models in the HD series. Hamm offers a high-frequency version for the US market, where compaction is carried out at significantly higher speeds. The 9-metric-ton roller is also available in 2 models with separate roller drums – one for vibration, one for oscillation. During dynamic compacting work, the operator can use the front and rear roller drums at the same time but at different frequencies.

LiuGong will show its 888III large wheel loader which will be launched into the U.S. market later this year. The company will also present four upgraded excavators including a 36 metric tons model headed for America and a 12-metric ton dirt roller which will also be available in North America. No American-bound asphalt pavers are planned for this year but its possible we’ll see small models in the U.S. next year along with rollers.

Bomag will present new vibratory plates and new trench compactors including articulated and radio controlled models, both U.S. available. For the first time the company will send out two version of the plates, one for professional use and a simplified version headed for the rental market which will be easier for untrained hands to transport and operate. Expect Bomag to follow up with some other similarly split lines. Also expect a new small asphalt roller to hit the American market next year.

A new design for its small diesel engines will be shown by Kubota demonstrating a strategy of increasing fuel-burning efficiency with a new four-valve system. One result of this process is that after-treatment equipment has less work to do and so takes up less space.

From Vermeer comes the AXIS. The AXIS GB812 guided boring system comes with a laser guided system for accuracy in the trenchless installation of 10- to 14-inch (25.4- to 35.6 centimeter) pipe for on-grade water and sewer projects. The pit-launched system can install up to 350 feet (106.7 meters) of both rigid constructed, as well as fusible and restrained joint product pipe. Spoil is removed from the cutter head via a vacuum excavation system, eliminating the need to manually handle it within the pit.

Terex will present 50 products including new wheel loaders and mobile excavators. The company says its new TL130 is the “Titan” of its four high-performance loaders, “which are fitted with cutting edge hydrostatic traction technology as well as extremely sensitive high-performance hydraulics.” The completely revamped TW110 mobile excavator, a machine the company calls its flagship in this category, has been given a “futuristic makeover,” Terex says.

The multi-purpose Hauler Chassis concept will be launched by Volvo Construction. While the load body is a traditional ‘attachment’ for articulated haulers, several other effective hauling solutions can now be easily developed. Using E-Series articulated tractors, with a standard or extended frame as a base, bodybuilders can create a wide range of off-highway specials, such as hook lift, container hauler, concrete mixer, construction tractor, pipe carrier, wood chipper or timber transporter.


Bid List

fixin-a-holeFixing a Hole Where the Rain Gets In

The Bergkamp all-in-one FP5 Flameless Pothole Patcher’s insulated 5.1-cubic-yard electric-heated hopper keeps asphalt pliable and at a constant temperature for extended periods. The truck-mounted unit’s electric heat system uses an onboard hydraulic-powered AC generator to warm the full-length, electric-heating elements to produce consistent material heating throughout the hopper and eliminate hot spots. The thermostat allows the temperature to be set to match the material being transported and can be plugged into an external power source. An optional swing auger system delivers asphalt material in a wide 8.7-foot swing that ranges from the driver’s side wheel track past the passengers side wheel track. Write 40 on Reader Service Card.



DuraPatcher boasts that its DuraMaxx pothole patcher is now a single-person operation for patching potholes and distressed pavement. The truck-mounted unit uses a patented design with cab-mounted controls that allow operators to patch using spray-injection technology from the truck cab. The patcher incorporates a seven-yard aggregate hopper box, a high volume blower and a heated emulsion tank. From the cab, the operator uses a joystick to position the boom to repair the distressed area. When not in use, the boom folds flush with the front bumper and does not obstruct the operator’s vision. The unit is powered independently from the truck engine and an aggregate feed system works solely by gravity and venturi effect to supply a wide range of aggregate sizes. Write 41 on Reader Service Card.



metro-seriesThe Metro Series melter applicators from Cimline come in 165-, 275- and 425-gallon capacities. The series sets itself apart from similar products with a new hose carrier to reduce operator fatigue. The three-section articulated boom keeps the hose low for better visibility while providing added support. It also provides protection in travel mode when wind buffeting can cause hose wear. The articulated boom is available for single or dual hose models. Metro’s Fume Guard uses an ignition system to burn off excess fumes generated from heating the sealant to optimum temperature. A kettle level-monitoring system also enables operators to keep accurate readings on melted sealant. Other standard features include a new quick start control system, auger assisted agitator assembly, high-intensity LED lighting and a heavy-duty tube frame. Write 42 on Reader Service Card.



the-8-tonThe 8-ton Infrared Asphalt Reclaimer dumping unit from Raytech is designed to mount directly onto a truck chassis. It enables reclaimed waste asphalt and/or storage of hot mix, for year-round maintenance and patching. The hydraulically loading and discharge doors provide safety and convenience. An additional 2- or 4-ton reclaimer unit provides extra asphalt/different mix capacity for large projects and utility work. For a video on Raytech’s pavement preservation products, go to Write 43 on Reader Service Card.



transpoTranspo’s Bondade CU-31 promotes adhesion of asphaltic materials by securing a water insensitive bond between the repair and base materials. According to the manufacturer, it lasts up to 85 percent longer than current methods; is free of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), making it environmentally safe; is non-flammable and non-combustible, non-toxic and produces non-hazardous fumes; and has been evaluated, proven and continuously used by many agencies. Write 44 on Reader Service Card.



pythonThe new S5000 from Python Manufacturing claims to be the only one-person operated pothole patcher that uses any standard hot or cold mix. The patcher has several new features, including a more comfortable cab, and an optional electric generator for keeping asphalt warm overnight. It also can operate in all kinds of weather so road repairs don’t need to be halted in the winter. The manufacturer also says the S5000 can cover approximately three times as much ground, or fix three times as many potholes as could a crew using traditional methods. Write 45 on Reader Service Card.


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