Yokohama launches iPad app
Equipment World Staff | July 26, 2012

The Yokohama Commercial Tire Navigator is available for the iPad through the iTunes store free of charge.

Yokohama is offering an iPad app built specifically for the trucking industry. The Yokohama Commercial Tire Navigator, which is free and offered solely through iTunes, features product information in an interactive format, 360-degree tire photography, Yokohama’s proprietary Fuel Savings Calculator and a dealer locator.

The app’s 360-degree tire photography allows users to view Yokohama tires learn which is most suitable for various applications and road conditions. Among the tires users can view are the Zenvironment line and Yokohama’s seven EPA SmartWay-verified tires.


The Fuel Savings Calculator gives users the opportunity to compare Yokohama’s tires against competitor tires as well as find out about potential savings in gas. The calculator provides results in terms of annual gallons of fuel saved, annual cost saved and carbon footprint reduced.

Find the app on iTunes or by clicking here.

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